About us
  We produce unique custom made shirts with a top quality standard for our clientele, for whom the highest quality criterions are obvious. Through the exclusive manufacture of our shirts you can not only find luxury, but also the quantum of individuality, that will always be reserved for our select clientele.

  In the Bielefelder Atelier tradition and progress are combined. While our shirts are hand-crafted and sewed in a traditional way by skilled and trained specialists in Germany, we also use the most modern marketing-instruments like the internet, to make it convenient for you to order, from where ever in the world you are.

  Please let us know what you would like by putting an "X" in the boxes next to the details you desire, and tell us your measurements on the online-order-form. If you do not trust in your own taking of measurements, please send us a shirt that fits you, and we will take the measurements for you.

  If you do not like this small selection of designs out of the 1000 different materials we have in stock, that is shown on this homepage, or if you do not feel that your monitor colors are true to the fabrics, we would like to send you fabric samples, so that you can not only see the absolute quality of our shirts, but also feel it.

  Classics to be. Always in fashion. You can create your own shirt from nine different collar forms, seven cuffs, four back patterns and four fronts.

From your measurements we make a hand-crafted unique shirt for you.Where other companies advertise their own logo, we would like to embroider your monogram for our prime cost of 3$ per letter, on the pocket, in the waist or on the cuff.
  I stand for it with my name !
  Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Diekmann
P.S. Comperative advertising is forbidden in Germany. Compare our offer to the last ready made shirt you bought at your men's clothing store !