Our shirts
  Our products captivate not with gloss and glitter, but with clear forms and with pure materials. Of the best the special. Custom-made shirts from ,,Premium Cotton ". Gentle wear-light materials, all natural. English full linen poplin, that flatters with the first touch. Master in form, custom-made according to your desires and conceptions. Quality without compromises and absolutely unique.If you like we will send you some free fabric samples.

  Where others advertise with the companies name, we gladly embroider your monogram for the small price of € 2,75 per letter, on the pocket or at waist height on the front part. This individual production of your shirt is only possible directly from the manufacturer.

  On these pages you can select from the possible shirt-forms and the fabrics. We have nine different collar forms, seven seals, five front parts and five backs to choose from, to create your own shirt.

  On the page How to take one’s measurements you will receive a little assistance how to do determine your own measurements. You can make all your selections in the comfort of your own home and tell us your desires in the purchase order form, which you find under the title On-line order.

  That way you will receive a shirt after your conceptions and nevertheless a classical , which is beyond any change of fashion. From your order we make a unique custom-made shirt.