Press commentaries

"Der Spiegel" - the german news magazine

"The finest custom made shirts"
"Well dressed in timeless classical designs, who ever desires this, is in good hands with Karl-Heinz Diekmann and his team"
"modern technology makes even short term deliveries more aquit"
"manufactured exclusively with English cotton-batiste fabric"


  The Playboy

"very interesting"
"products for Gentlemen"


  "Die Glocke "

Bielefelder Atelier sews for "prominence"
"shirts for customers that need to be well dressed for their jobs"
"classical chic"
"clothing makes people - and Diekmann makes the shirts for that"
"Diekmann and his team deliver punctually in constant quality"



"Neue Westfälische"

"chic shirts"
"specialist in the branch"
"While small-talking with the chancellor the 'shirtmaker' from Bielefeld was praised for his studio art"
"high quality material, serious designs"



"Westfalen Blatt" - the informative one

  "handmade and unique"
"once you have expired the advantages of a custom made shirt, you will never settle for anything less"
"because of the direct marketing the custom mades are cheaper than comparable ready mades"
"custom made shirts out of the finest fabrics"